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Understanding Autism 

The Understanding Autism Seminar 

These videos have been recorded by our parent facilitators and are split into 3 sections which last approximately 15-20 minutes each. These Understanding Autism videos are approximately 50 minutes in total.  



The booklet below accompanies the videos and there is space to write notes and complete the 9 exercises.

The PDF booklet below can be printed off and completed.

To watch the 'Amazing things happen' video is referenced in the Understanding Autism Seminar (Part 2) click here

The Understanding Autism Webinar

It is important to have watched the three accompanying videos above before registering for the Zoom webinar.


Two parent facilitators who have ASD children will be running the webinar.

They will be 90 minute sessions for up to 10 parents, of children aged 0-16 years.


We start the webinar with Introductions: ideally we like parents to be on camera, you can ask questions or type your answers in the Zoom chat box.

Once we have done introductions, we will ask parents for their seminar priorities and create a bespoke session each time.

There will be a brief recap while answering the 9 exercise questions. You will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the session.


We ask all attendees to kindly complete the interactive evaluation form towards the end of the session. We really appreciate your feedback as it enables us to improve our content.

To register for the webinar please watch the Zoom joining video below and contact Abigail Gibson:


Not sure how to join a Zoom meeting? Click on the video below:

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