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Transition to adulthood webinars

Happy Teenager

Welcome to our Transition to adulthood webinars. These videos are designed for parents and carers of autistic teenagers who are transitioning to adulthood. Each video last approximately 15 minutes, but you can pause and play the sessions as you like. We recommend viewing Session 1 first then choosing which videos are most relevant for you and your young person from the menu below. The choices of videos are:

> Special Educational Needs and Post 16 Education

> Higher education

> Routes to employment

> Care Act assessments

> Personal Independence Payments


You can download the scripts and useful links for the videos by clicking on the PDF link next to each video.


Session 1

Access the Growing up in Greater Manchester and Transitions Checklist tools here

SEND and Post 16 education

Employment routes

Higher education

Care Act assessments

Personal Independence Payments

Have a question about transition?  

Join one of our free Zoom sessions to ask your questions


What are they?


They are a chance for you to chat to members of our team and other parents and carers, to ask questions and share experiences about transition. 

What happens during the Zoom session?


It is important to have watched the videos above before registering for the Zoom session.


Two members of our team who are also parents to autistic children and adults will run the session.

They will be 60 minute sessions for up to 10 parents. 


We start with Introductions: ideally we like parents to be on camera, you can ask questions or type what you would like to say in the Zoom chat box.

Once we have done introductions, we will ask parents for their questions and create a bespoke session each time.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the session.


We ask all attendees to kindly complete the interactive evaluation form towards the end of the session. We really appreciate your feedback as it enables us to improve our content.

Please can you fill out the evaluation form if you were unable to complete on the day of the webinar:

Not sure how to join a Zoom meeting? Click on the video below:

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To join one of the Zoom sessions head over to our events page or contact us to book your place.

Don't like groups or using Zoom?

Use the contact us section of our website and one of our team will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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