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Museums & Galleries

Leisure and culture

Manchester Art Gallery and Manchester Museum have worked closely with our project to improve the experiences of autistic people who visit.

Manchester Football museum also offer quieter opening times and have an autism friendly guide which you can download before your visit.


To find out more click on their logos below:

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Cinema &Theatre

Many cinemas and theatres in Greater Manchester are now offering 'Relaxed Performances' for autistic people.

What is a relaxed performance?

Relaxed performances are open to everyone, but the environment has been specifically adapted for autistic people, people with sensory needs, learning disabilities and anyone who would prefer a more relaxed environment.

During a relaxed performance the venue will aim to reduce some of the sensory aspects of the environment such as; the sound and lighting levels, they may take out strobe or some flashing lights and any unexpected bangs/noises for example. If the auditorium is very dark the house lights are usually slightly raised. Audience members are able to walk in out of the space as they need to and there may be access to quiet areas as these can help with stress levels. The staff may have been given some training so they have some basic understanding of autism and in theatres the cast may have also been briefed as to how different audiences may react.

This may vary from venue to venue, so do contact them if you have any questions before your visit.

Click on the cinema chain or theatre you would like to visit in Manchester to find out about their relaxed performances:


Intu Trafford Centre have a Hidden disabilities page on their website where you can find information which may help planning your shopping trip including; information on the Sunflower lanyard scheme, a map of the centre to download before your visit and information about their quieter opening times. 

The Trafford Centre introduced a ‘Quiet Hour’ initiative in 2017 offering visitors a more relaxed environment with low music and dimmed lights.

This takes place every Wednesday between 10am-11am.

Trafford City have a web page dedicated to their autism friendly attractions.

To find out more click on their logos below:

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