Sensory Needs Workshop Resources

1: The Sensory Needs Seminar :

These videos have been recorded by our parent facilitators and are split into approximately 25 minute sections. These Sensory Needs videos are approximately 100 minutes in total. 

 Sensory needs seminar:

Section 2

 Sensory needs seminar:

Section 3

 Sensory needs seminar:

Section 4

 Sensory needs seminar:

Section 1

The videos below are referenced in the Sensory seminar (section 1) video link above and may be helpful to watch:

The booklet below accompanies the videos and there is space to write notes and complete the 8 exercises.

The PDF booklet below can be printed off and completed or you can use the Word booklet which you can type into.



If you have watched the Sensory Needs parent seminar videos,

please click on the evaluation link below:

2: The Sensory Needs Webinar:

Please register your interest to join our online webinar with and watch the Zoom joining video below:

If you have participated in the Sensory Needs parent webinar,

please click on the evaluation link below:

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