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Autism links in Bolton


Trafford Autism Spectrum Conditions Diagnostic Service, Trafford Extended Service 

Trafford Autism Spectrum Conditions Diagnostic Service is part of the Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.  Currently Autism diagnoses for adults in Bolton are made via the Trafford Extended Service, but post-diagnostic support is provided by the Bolton Autism Spectrum Conditions Support Team which was established in 2012. 


The service user must initially be referred by their GP for a diagnostic assessment. Service users are offered a period of 1:1 support initially which assesses and helps with current issues and difficulties.  They are also offered a 10-week Post Diagnostic Support Group which assists in adjusting to the diagnosis builds opportunity for social contact and develops confidence.


Service users are then offered an 8-week Coping Skills Group which is tailor written and offers further education and skill development in understanding emotion, managing crises, dealing with anxiety, maintaining social skills and health relationships.


Service users who already have a diagnosis of autism and receive a mental health service can also access the support groups.  ASC staff will work with mental health colleagues and co-coordinators to provide specialist support as needed in individual cases.


A recent development has been the establishment of a One Stop/Drop-In service locally.  Current and discharged service users can access this monthly session in the town center which we deliver in conjunction with a local charity, Breaking Barriers North West.  This service offers support, information and advice as well as opportunity for meaningful social engagement on an ongoing basis.


Contact details

Trafford Autism Spectrum Conditions Diagnostic Service, Trafford Extended Service

Manor House
5 Queens Road
Greater Manchester
M41 9HE

Tel: 0161 747 1373
Fax: 0161 747 7310

Opening Times: 9:00 - 5:00

Autism Spectrum Conditions Support Team

*Temporary Location from 12th December on wards

Barnett House

Viking Works

Weston Street



Tel: 01204 483000

Opening Times: 9:00-5:00

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